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Innocence vs Guilt Meanings - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 4 Words: 1317 Downloads: 1 Date added: 2017/09/17 Category Statistics Essay Type Compare and contrast essay Tags: Knowledge Essay Did you like this example? INNOCENCE vs GUILT MEANINGS: Innocence n. ( n -s ns) –The state, quality or virtue of being innocent, as: a. Freedom from sin, moral wrong, or guilt through lack of knowledge of evil. b. Guiltlessness of a specific legal crime or offense. c. Freedom from guile, cunning, or deceit; simplicity or artlessness. d. Lack of worldliness or sophistication; naivete. e. Lack of knowledge or understanding; ignorance. f. Freedom from harmfulness; inoffensiveness. Guilt n. (g lt) – 1. The fact or condition of having committed a legal or moral offense 2. A feeling of remorse arising from a real or imagined commission of an offense It is advantageous if a person has full knowledge. Having that full knowledge can be useful to him/ her in many ways. One can use it to help his/ her own self and other people whenever problems are encountered. He/ she can devise ways to solve whatever problems he/ she or other people might face. He/she can come up with the most effective solutio ns to the conflicts because he/she already know the causes and effects, consequences and results of each problem and solution. But what is better in having full knowledge is that a person can find ways to avoid the problem; just like in the health posters, ‘Prevention is better than cure’. And if a person cannot avoid it, at least he can be prepared for it. Thus, he/she do not need to experience more pain and sufferings that the problem might bring. Another implication of full knowledge is that one can gain respect and self-esteem. Many people will look highly on him/her because of that full knowledge. They will respect him/her because he/she is a symbol of truth and knowledge. Choragos: This is Teiresias, this is the holy prophet In whom, alone of all men, truth was born†(Fitts and Fitzgerald: 485). Also, people will consider him/her as a great person, which may increase a person’s self-esteem. And because of this, there is a tendency that other people will make him/her leader or ruler of the group or society. And if not a leader, he/she might be regarded as their guide in their lives. But aside from all those advantages of full knowledge, it has also its disadvantage. Having full knowledge can be troublesome, too. First, it is because it might affect a person’s relationship with other people. Some people, if they know that he possesses full knowledge, might not approach him because they are afraid. They think that since he knows all, only their wrong doings and thoughts are the one to be noticed and as a result, they will be mocked or ridiculed by him. Also, people will be scared to face him because of his knowledge about other’s lives, and if they do something unpleasant to him, he might turn back on them. Secondly, it is troublesome because there are facts and situations that are hard to accept. If he cannot accept it, there will be some tendencies that he will become insane, or worst, end his own life. But even if the fact/ situation is already accepted, another problem still arouse, and that is when other people wanted to hear about it. It is hard to speak about what he knows because it may harm others. â€Å"Teiresias: How dreadful knowledge of the truth can be when ther’s no help in truth! I knew this well But made myself forget. I should not have come. (Fitts and Fitzgerald: 505). Having only partial knowledge has its own danger. If only partial knowledge is possessed by a person, he might make a mistake or do inappropriate actions. The assumptions he makes about a person or a situation might be wrong, which may lead to another, greater problem. Instead of being able to solve the conflict, it only become worst because the whole detail was not present. Another danger of partial knowledge is that the people will be having a hard time solving the conflict they are facing. And because of it, their sufferings will be prolonged. Choragos: The King was said to have been killed by a highwaymen Oedipus: I know But we have no witnesses†(Fitts and Fitzgerald: 485) One of the problems of Oedipus was that he did know his real origin. The statement â€Å"Know thyself† is significant because if Oedipus fully know himself, the crimes he had committed might be prevented from happening. Having known his own self, of course, include his real origin. It is because his origin was of his identity. But since he did not try to discover more about himself, the parricide and incest happened. In the beginning, Oedipus does not examine all of what he has done in his life so far. He only knew what good he has done to the people around him, and that made him too proud. And because of this he did not pursuit to acquire more information about his life. One can not fill a cup that is already full. Oedipus is a tragic character, but at the same time, a pathetic one. He is a tragic because he suffered so much especially when he learned that he is the murderer whom he s eeks. He possesses wisdom, power and wealth but because of the crime, all of it went to waste. But Oedipus is also pathetic because he attempt to escape Corinth to avoid the prophecy, yet he ended up fulfilling the prophecy. It is because he did not first confirm if the mother and father that were in the prophecy were Polybos and Merope of Corinth; and he did not find evidences that they were his real parents. If he find evidences, then there is a possibility that his life would not lead to what the prophecy foretold. He’s pathetic because he became a victim (of the incidents that happened upon him), he could only do but to react. Oedipus came to life because of Laios and Jocaste, yet had been wished also by them to be destroyed that in the very beginning, Oedipus has not been given a choice. 3. Yes, Oedipus is morally and legally guilty of his crimes he has committed the action. And parricide and incest is against the moral values and law of the society. His ignorance of information/ knowledge does justify his crimes. Oedipus should have tried to discover more about him. He should have look for evidences that justify that he was the son of Polybos and Merope, especially when he heard what the drunken man have said about him. Oedipus: At a feast, a drunken man maundering in his cups Cries out that I am not my father’s son! † (Fitts and Fitzgerald: 498) After he heard that, asked his parents about it and learned that it was a lie, he must be comforted and felt at ease already. But a strange feeling was still in his mind, right from then and there, he should have seek for evidences about the statements of the drunk man and his parents. â€Å"Oedipus: yet the suspicion remained always aching in my mind. I knew there was talk; I could not rest† (Fitts and Fitzgerald: 499) He should be the one to confirm if what the drunk man said was true or a lie. Even though he already went to Delphi, since he was dismissed, he should be more determined to find the truth about his origin. But since he did not do further investigations, even though he has suspicions, he ended up committing the crimes. On his way to a new journey, though he has a reason, it is still not righteous to slay a man and his guards just to claim a right of way. What is the value of that road compared to the lives of men? Reasonable or not, people decides for themselves thus people have choices and choices are followed by responsibilities. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Innocence vs Guilt Meanings" essay for you Create order

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Exercises in Identifying Subjects and Verbs

There are two basic parts of a sentence: the  subject  and the  predicate. The subject is usually a noun: a person, place or thing. The predicate is usually a phrase that includes a  verb: a word that identifies an action or state of being. For example, both run and is are  verbs.   One easy way to distinguish subjects from verbs is to put the word he or she before the word. If the phrase makes sense, the word is a verb. If it doesnt, its probably a noun. For example, is the word bird a subject (noun) or a verb? How about the word dances? To find out, put the word he in front of each word. He bird makes no sense, so the word bird is a noun and could be the subject of a sentence.  He dances does make  sense, so the word dances is a verb, which could be part of the predicate. Try these exercises to help you distinguish between subjects and verbs. Two exercises are provided to give you (or your students) two opportunities to practice. Exercise A: Identifying Subjects and Verbs For each of the following sentences, decide whether the word in bold print is the subject or the verb. When you are done, compare your responses with the answers below. The dog shivered.An owl shrieked.The moon disappeared behind the clouds.We waited.Nobody said a word.  For a moment, nobody even breathed.A light rain fell on our heads.The leaves trembled.Our hearts beat faster.Then the black sky opened up.Furious flames lit up the night. Answers 1. verb; 2. subject; 3. verb; 4. subject; 5. verb; 6. subject; 7. verb; 8. verb; 9. verb; 10. subject; 11. subject Exercise B: Identifying Subjects and Verbs For each of the following sentences, decide whether the word in bold print is the subject or the verb. When you are done, compare your responses with the answers below. Mr. William Herring is the jolliest man I know.His outward features reflect the delightful character within.His hair is red and frizzy, like Orphan Annies.His head is fat and round.He has small, dark, hamster-like eyes.His eyes peer inquisitively from behind metal-rimmed glasses.His small mouth is always formed into a friendly grin.His thick neck connects this funny head to an egg-shaped torso.He has two fat arms with plump hands and fingers shaped like hot dogs.On one of these fingers is a diamond-studded gold ring.The gleam of the ring matches the brilliance of Mr. Bills smile.His Santa Claus belly, girded by a cowboy belt, hangs over the sort of baggy trousers that went out of style with leisure suits and platform shoes.Mr. Bills shoes, however, are invisible beneath his trousers.Still, his walk is distinctive.In fact, he seems to roll rather than walk.He rolls to the rhythm of his own laughter.His students roll right along with him. Answers 1. subject; 2. verb; 3. subject; 4. verb; 5. verb; 6. subject; 7. subject; 8. verb; 9. subject; 10. subject; 11. verb; 12. subject; 13. verb; 14. subject; 15. verb; 16. verb; 17. subject

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The Legal Drinking Age Should Not Reflect Today s...

Task 1: Law and Society Evidence and research proves that the laws related to the legal drinking age does not reflect today’s societal values and that the legislations ‘Liquor Act 2007 No 90 (NSW) Part 7 Division 1 Sections 117 116’ should be reformed to raise the drinking age in Australia from 18 years of age to 21. Through surveying different age groups and socio-economic backgrounds of society, information has been gathered to demonstrate that the current laws do not reflect society’s opinion on the legal drinking age in Australia. Research suggests that there are many social consequences related to alcohol in young people including alcohol fuelled violence and major health issues. Despite evidence from leading health experts,†¦show more content†¦Consuming alcohol at 18 years of age can interfere with the development of the young adult’s brain and studies show â€Å"physical changes in the brain and evidence of impaired problem solving and other cognitive fun ctioning†. This results in influencing the child’s ability to reach their full educational potential. An article from Oct 2015 ‘15 Shots of Vodka Killed Our Daughter’ by Andrea Todd explains the death of 17 year-old Shelby Allen and is just one example of the influence alcohol has on young adults. Shelby was at a party where she and her 18 year old friends had decided to take shots. Her friends state that they wanted to see how many shots it would take for them to pass out. Eventually 15 shots later, Shelby’s body was unable to comprehend the toxicity of the alcohol and had died. This article is just one of the many stories where young adults are clearly unaware of the dangers of alcohol and its alarming consequences. Through surveying different age groups of societies we were able to identify that young adults where greatly more unaware of the health problems associated with consuming alcohol rather than adults. This alone indicates that older adul ts of 21 years and over have better knowledge on the dangers of alcohol and its impacts. The need to increase the drinking age to 21 years of age is indicated through health studies,

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Qualities of a Hero free essay sample

Its simple qualities of a hero are what make a hero to become a special person for someone out there in the world. Stockton’s â€Å"The Griffin amp; The Minor Canon† amp; Stone’s â€Å"Where I Find My Heroes† provide what are the qualities of a hero. Also does Mariah Carey’s â€Å"Hero† and Bulfinch’s â€Å"The Quest of the golden fleece†. The qualities of a great hero are bravery, courage, amp; strongness. An excellent hero needs bravery to accomplish things they want to succeed in. For example, â€Å"A Hero comes along with the strength to carry on and you cast your fears aside and you know you can survive†(Mariah Carey â€Å"Hero†1). This quote proves if you put your fears behind everything and do what you want to do you can succeed to become a better person. Another example, â€Å"People who take risks despite fears† (Oliver Stone †Where I Find My Heroes†1). We will write a custom essay sample on Qualities of a Hero or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Therefore, a hero always takes risks for others and always put others before them. Also â€Å"Jason was pleased with the thought and forthwith made preparation for the expedition† (Bulfinch 105). When a hero takes risks he/she is being brave to do something they know is risky. Although, bravery is important trait courage is also. What a hero needs mostly is courage with out it they wouldn’t become heroes. If a hero doesn’t have courage they wouldn’t want to face difficult stuff. â€Å"So when you feel like hope is gone look inside you and be strong. You’ll finally see the truth that a hero lies in you†(Hero 1). This explains how when you feel down and feel like nothing is getting accomplished that you need to get some courage to see that you can do it. After, â€Å"Jason said to Medea â€Å"My Spouse†¦ could do me one further serve take some years from my life and add them to my fathers†(Bulfinch 108). Here it proves how Jason is being courageous to spear away some years of his life for his father. Basically this means your willing to do something for someone you love and care about. â€Å"The celebrity who remains modest and treats others with respect, or who uses there position to help society. The student who defers the immediate pleasure of making money and finishes college or high schoolâ€Å"(Stone 1). This quote explains how even though life is durable you need courage to do things to be someone in life. In the end, courage is something heroes need but also is strongness. Strongness is what a hero needs so he/she can face fears and be able to know he/she is able to do without worrying. For example, â€Å"Dreams are hard to follow but don’t let anyone tear them away†(Hero 1). Even though, here it says how you have to be strong don’t let anyone tell you that you cant make it happen you keep on doing what you need to do to follow your dreams. Next, â€Å"It’s difficult to be a father, to be a mother, and I think that to be a kind and loving parent is an act of heroism†(Stone 1). This shows that it takes strongness to be a single parent and being able to do both parenting. After, â€Å"Jason advanced badly to meet them {the chosen heroes of the Greece}†(Bulfinch 106). In the example, its shows how strong Jason is to meet these important people so it takes a lot for someone to face someone who is very powerful. Lastly, Delma Ramos is a hero because she shows bravery, courage, amp; strongness. Delma shows bravery because she stands out for her family amp; she is a single parent it takes a lot of bravery to do that. Like in this quote where Delma exhibits the trait bravery â€Å"I’m glad to see that there is someone who has the courage to come to me the Minor canon did not feel very courageous, but he bowed his head†(Stockton 3). Another example of a trait Delma shows is courage, how she knows that everything is going to be okay amp; keeps pushing forward knowing things will overcome. â€Å"The minor Canon kept on bravely, and never faltered. The way was longer than he had expected, and his provisions soon grew so scanty that he was obliged to eat but a little every day, but he kept up his courage, and pressed on, and after many days of toilsome travel, he reached the dreadful wilds†(Stockton 6). As â€Å"She engraged at his ingratitude called on the god for vengeance, sent a poisoned robe as a gift to the bride amp; then killing her own children amp; setting fire to the palace†(Bulfinch 110). As to Delma she is not selfish amp; wouldn’t do something crazy like that. She lets karma handle those things for her when gone wrong. Lastly, Delma shows strongness by being able to provide amp; face her fears against the world and is willing to the self-sacrifice things. For example here is shows how they relate by showing strongness. â€Å"Dreams are hard to follow but don’t let anyone tear them away†(Hero 1). In Conclusion, qualities of hero are very important. Qualities of a hero are what make up a hero to be someone else. It takes a lot for a hero to show bravery, courage, amp; strongess. This shows how these traits make up a hero. Without having these traits it wouldn’t really be considered a hero.

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Romeo and Juliet short summary Essay Example

Romeo and Juliet short summary Paper From forth the fatal loins of these two foes A pair of star-crossed lovers takes their life; Whose misadventured piteous over throws Doth with their death bury their parents strife. Romeo and Juliet, a play of death marked love. Yet is the love presented realistic and believable? As important as love is to life and existence, the play is wholly based on love and its many forms. The time in history in which Romeo and Juliet is set, contributes to the play, and creates a realistic situation. Arranged marriages and marrying young plays a strong part in the play. This historical context goes against our modern society making the understanding of the play difficult for a modern audience to comprehend. Family relationships in the play are variable. The relationship between Capulet and lady Capulet is one of leadership, for example; A crutch, a crutch! Why call you for a sword? This question is spoken by lady Capulet and directed towards Capulet. It gives the effect that she has power or leadership over him. But in response Capulet over rules her question, which creates a sense of competition with leadership; My sword I say! Old Montague is come and flourishes his blade in spite of me. We will write a custom essay sample on Romeo and Juliet short summary specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Romeo and Juliet short summary specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Romeo and Juliet short summary specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer To show lady Capulet and Capulets love for each other they agree over Juliets sudden out burst over her arranged marriage to Paris. One occasion in this scene Capulet speaks to lady Capulet; Soft! Take me with you, take me with you, wife. Montague and lady Montague do not compete with each other and their son Romeo. Lady Montague says; thou shalt not stir one foot to seek a foe. She does not want any violence, and shows concern for her husband. Friendship is a strong variant of love in this play; it results in death and many consequences. The strongest impression of friendship is when Romeo avenges Mercutios death. Romeo and Mercutio were good friends. This is shown in their conversations. I thought all for the best. This is when Mercutio was stabbed and Romeo is saying how he tried to stop the fight. Romeo says this quotation as if he feels guilty and is trying to obtain forgiveness. There is a conflict here between love/loyalty to friends/relations and love for each other. Romeo and Juliets love is the most important in the play. When they first see each other they fall in love. From here on they make many references to love and death and a strange sense of tragedy to come. An example of this is after their night together, when Romeo must leave, Juliet says: Methinks I see thee, now thou art so low, As one dead in the bottom of a tomb. Either my eyesight fails, or thou lookest pale. This means that Juliet suddenly sees Romeo dead meaning a terrible tragedy is waiting to occur. Romeo and Juliet fall in love so instantly the audience will be unsure whether their love is true. It is not actually obvious whether it is true or not, but the ending may hold some answers. When Romeo finds Juliet dead he can see no other reason why he should live and Juliet feels the same when she wakes up to find Romeo dead. They kill themselves because the other is dead, but whether this is true love or they only think it is love, is not clear. In a way this does not matter, because the love is doomed. It is better that they die at the end of the play so it leaves the audience remembering the romance and passion and not the every day things. The dramatic irony of Romeo and Juliets love sets up tension for the audience in the beginning, showing love hand in hand with death. This makes their love special in the audiences view: I take thee at thy word. Call me but love, and Ill be new baptized. Henceforth I never will be Romeo. The consequences of love in this play, play a strong part in portraying the characters feelings. One such part is when Romeo has killed Tybalt and the consequence is Romeo being banished. This only happened because Romeo and Mercutio were good friends and Romeo had to take revenge. The consequence of the star-crossed lovers results in death for Romeo and Juliet, part of the dramatic irony for the audience. The party scene is where Romeo and Juliet first meet. This scene, I believe is one of the most important, as this is where their tragic end stems from. Is she a Capulet? O dear account! My life is my foes debt. This quotation is spoken by Romeo shortly after talking with Juliet. He says that his life is his enemys debt. His enemy is the Capulet family. When he finds out she is a Capulet his love for her reveals itself; otherwise her being a Capulet would not have worried him. The party scene is the scene that the audience dread. This is because they know their love will end in tragedy and so, they do not want Romeo and Juliet to meet. Thus with a kiss I die. There rust, and let me die. Romeo and Juliets last words, expressing desperation and last resort. The audience would feel emotional at the tragic end of the two star crossed lovers but realise how strong their love was. And there they die in Italy. Revenge, love and passion are the true cause of their love. For never was a story of more woe Than this of Juliet and her Romeo. The Prince rounds up the play and he emphasises how important Romeo and Juliets love was. Their love brought a new friendship between the Montagues and Capulets. Their love caused many misunderstanding, but it will always be remembered as a classic. A TRAGIC TALE OF WOE.

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Four Star Motorsports-Pricing Essays

Four Star Motorsports-Pricing Essays Four Star Motorsports-Pricing Paper Four Star Motorsports-Pricing Paper Deliverable 3- Four Star Motorsports Course: 07360, Pricing Strategy - Student: Jing Wang, Yu-Wen Chu * Using regression, estimate the demand curves for each type of tire in each type of demand season (low, medium, high). I recommend that you use Excel to do the regressions. (Note: demand for the two sizes of tire are independent from one another). Yokohama Winter Rally Tire Demand Curve | WR 26 155/65R13| WR 26 185/65R14| Normal Demand| Q=106. 4-0. 544P| Q=104. 8-0. 448P| High Demand| Q=86. 28571-0. 33143P| Q=94. 714-0. 3314P| Low Demand| Q=155. 2-0. 704P| Q=132. 8-0. 704*P| * What is the optimal â€Å"one-price† policy for Sprongl’s rally tires if he sticks with his â€Å"base prices† for the entire year? (Assume his goal is to have no residual inventory and to maximize total revenue). Tire Type| WR 26155/65R13| WR 26185/65R14| Inventory| 280| 265| | | | Price| $150. 82| 159. 8190703| | | | Period 1| 49. 02| 20. 29| Period 2| 24. 35| 33. 20| Period 3| 36. 30| 4 1. 61| Period 4| 24. 35| 33. 20| Period 5| 36. 30| 41. 61| Period 6| 24. 35| 33. 20| Period 7| 36. 30| 41. 61| Period 8| 49. 2| 20. 29| | | | Demand| $280. 00| 265. 00| | | | | | | Revenue| $42,229. 98| $42,352. 05| * If Sprongl elects to use â€Å"dynamic pricing† by changing prices for each tire in each season, what are the optimal prices if his estimated demand curves are estimated correctly? (Note: there is no global optimum solution for this in Solver but several â€Å"local optima† that are similar. I recommend that you calculate the optimum pricing for each tire separately, and then sum the total revenue from each). * What are the pros and cons of fixed and dynamic pricing in this situation? Explain your reasoning. Fixed pricing: Pros: 1. Fixed pricing establishes optimal â€Å"one-price† policy for Sprongl’s two different rally tires. There will be neither haggling nor competition from other period’s price. 2. There will be no arbitrage so that Four Star Sports can easily predict and monitor the inventory. Cons: Resulting either in money left on the table or lost sales Dynamic Pricing: Pros: http://news. wustl. edu/news/Pages/4382. aspx http://smallbusiness. chron. com/dynamic-pricing-strategy-5117. html http://faculty. insead. du/popescu/ioana/Papers/PopescuWu. pdf meiss. com/download/RM-Maglaras-Meissner. pdf 1. Dynamic pricing strategy enables Four Star Motorsports maximize the profit margin and maximize the revenue from *** to *** Cons: 2. The dynamic pricing needs comprehensive data and testing to work well, in this case, we only had very limited data to find our dynamic pricing strategy, which might not reflect the true demand curve. 3. It al so requires advances in point-of-sale technology and widespread adoption of electronic labels for inventory management. : This may increase the cost dramatically. Considering Four Star Sports is a family business, and their revenue may not be high enough to support this expense on new technology. 4. Customers might feel unfair that the same products are charged at different prices. 5. The dynamic pricing may lead to arbitrage, customers with high price elasticity may shift to the low price period to purchase the rally tires; On the other hand some smart people may purchase more than they need during the low price period then to sell at high price period. These will change the demand curve and the competition environment dramatically and influence the inventory management. 6. Dynamic pricing strategy suits frequent purchased consumer goods market better, because the customers’ purchase decisions are heavily influenced by the past observed price. In this case, customer may not purchase rally tires very often, thus the history price has less influence on their decision making.

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Atherosclerosis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Atherosclerosis - Essay Example The lesions of atherosclerosis start with fatty deposits and gradually develop into complicated lesions. The progressive development of atherosclerotic is classified into six types with increasing effect of compromising the function of the arteries. The first four types of the atherosclerotic lesions do not produce clinical symptoms, while the fourth and fifth type produces clinical symptoms. These clinical symptoms are dependent on the site of compromise of the integrity of the artery. The metabolism of lipids and their serum levels, body fat, obesity, infections and inflammations have a role to play in the development of atherosclerosis and are high risk factors for the development of atherosclerosis. In addition gender, heredity, diseases related to diet like metabolic syndrome, and life style are all factors that contribute to the development of atherosclerosis by themselves or in conjunction with the other factors. Two mechanisms are involved in the pathophysiology of atherosclerosis consisting of chronic endothelial injury and elevated lipid levels. Risk factors like infection, inflammation, and smoking can lead to epithelial injury and elevated lipid levels encourage formation of plaque loaded with lipids and initiate the formation of clot or thrombus. The formation of thrombus can lead to a total blocking of the lumen of the artery, which clinically manifests itself in different ways, depending on the location of the blockage, Occlusion in the arteries that supply blood to the heart manifest as myocardial infarction, while in the case of occlusion in the arteries supplying blood to the brain manifests as a stroke or a cerebrovascular event. Infarctions in the liver and kidneys through similar mechanisms impair their functions. The impaired blood flow as a result of the occlusion, if not reversed immediately can lead to ischemia of the involved tissues and death of the tissues, Pharmacological